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Need To Know?: Will I ever be able to retire? Will my income last my lifetime? Will my retirement be able to handle both inflation and taxes?

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Client Services

Financial Planning

Year over year planning from your working years through retirement and legacy

We believe building a comprehensive financial analysis is essential to great financial planning; and creates the framework for our working relationship with each client. We dedicate our time in building a thorough understanding of you as a person – not just a portfolio – to ensure that you will have an investment plan that truly addresses your goals, values, and financial ability to provide for your retirement and personal needs.

Each stage of life brings new financial goals. Our commitment to include all aspects of your life in the planning enables us to put you in the best position to achieve your evolving goals and needs. Including:

  • Planning for Retirement – Resources, Goals and Cash Flow
  • Wealth and Legacy Planning
  • Short Term & Intermediate Goals, e.g. (new home, new baby, building a nest egg)
  • Higher Education Planning
  • Life Insurance and Long Term Care

At SC Financial Group, regardless of age or financial resources, all investment clients have the full array of our planning services available. Our clients have the comfort knowing whenever the need arises, our services are always available.

Investment Management

Tailored to support your financial and income planning goals

 Custom Portfolios

SC Financial Group is a fully licensed and independent firm with access to the full spectrum of securities and investment vehicles that are available in the global markets. We build custom investment portfolios for each client, coordinating and managing the competing demands of your goals and resources.

The result is a unique architecture in the selection and blend of accounts that match your concerns regarding taxation, market risk, long term inflation, and other considerations within your life. We believe that designing the proper architecture of your portfolio is equally important as the selection of the specific investments.

SC Financial Group: Team Approach

It is our belief that by working collaboratively and using our collective knowledge, we provide our clients with the best possible service. Every member of the firm brings their own unique strengths which enhances our ability to provide the best guidance and quality advice.

Income Planning

Utilizing unique strategies to produce efficient income throughout your life

Income planning requires strategically determining when, where, and how to generate income from assets. We optimize your retirement income and assist you in making those critical planning decisions.

Asset level and returns are not the only determiners of sustainable retirement income. We know that building efficiency in your assets is the best way to create lasting and consistent income, to meet your evolving cash flow needs and manage market fluctuations. That is why we are equally as focused with creating efficient retirement income as we are with building wealth.


Q. Who is your typical client?

A. We work with a broad range of people, both in terms of their age and financial circumstances. We are especially attuned to the needs of people who are nearing the end of their work years, or who have entered retirement, and are now concerned with how to make their retirement income last. We have no minimum investment requirements, and encourage anyone who would like some assistance to come in for an initial meeting.

Q. Do you charge for initial consultations?

A. Our consultations are complimentary, and available to everyone. The consultation comes in two stages. In the first meeting we get to know one another, and we gather information to build the financial analysis. In the second phase we present the financial analysis which will provide clear insight into your current retirement position and options for improvement. The entire process is complimentary. Only if we decide to work together, and provide our services are we compensated.

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. That decision is entirely up to you. We offer a number of services and account options for you to choose from. You may choose to work with us using a brokerage or commission based account; an advisory account, which is an annual percentage of assets under management, or you may choose to work with us on an hourly rate. We fully explain the details of each account type so that you may choose the option best suited for you. We always fully disclose how we are compensated, and if in the future you decide that you would prefer to change the account type, we are happy to do so.

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How We Work With Our Clients

We know that the happiest and most confident clients are the ones who possess a strong understanding of their financial standing and the options available to them. For this reason we strongly believe in educating and keeping our clients well informed, so they know they are on the right path to achieve their financial goals. These are the steps we follow to build a knowledge-based, lifelong partnership and plan for our clients.

  1. Gather Information – The first meeting will typically last between one to two hours. During this session we get to know you both as a person and an individual and gather your financial information which we use to build your initial financial plan.
  2. Present Initial Analysis – In our second meeting we present your financial plan and share our analysis of your current and projected retirement financial needs and potential obstacles. In this phase we begin our work with you as a team, creating the options and strategies that best fit your life goals and investment criteria.
  3. Implement Strategies – Once you decide to become a client and we have determined the best strategies; we implement the necessary changes in your current investments, as well as establish new structures or investments vehicles, if needed, to meet your goals.
  4. Monitor and Track Progress – We constantly monitor and review your investments and accounts to ensure you are properly positioned and on track to meet your goals.
  5. Communicate and Be Available – Lives change and questions come up. We are always here for you, and happy to help you work through decisions as you are faced with them. We regularly meet with you to update your financial plan to reflect changes in your investments, and your evolving life.