How we work with our clients

How we work with our clients It is our experience that clients feel they have more control, even in difficult markets, when they have a strong understanding of where they are financially and the options available to them. We follow the following steps in building a knowledge-based partnership and plan for our clients:

  1. Gather information – We typically will spend one to two hours in an initial meeting. During this meeting we gather your financial information, and get to know you as both a person and an investor.
  2. Present initial findings – During our second meeting we share our analysis of your current and projected retirement financial needs. In this phase we begin our work with you as a team – creating the options and strategies that best fit your life goals and investment criteria.
  3. Implement – Once we have determined the best strategies; we make the necessary changes in your current investments, as well as establish new structures when needed.
  4. Monitor and communicate – We will watch to ensure your goals stay on track, and stay in touch with you. We continue to meet with you as needed, to update your financial plan to reflect both changes in your investments, and your personal situation as well.
  5. Be available – Lives change, questions come up. We are always here for you, and happy to help you think through decisions as you are faced with them.

Who is our “typical” client?

We work with a broad range of people, both in terms of their age and financial circumstances. We are especially attuned to the needs of people who are nearing the end of their work years, or who have entered retirement, and are now concerned with how to make their retirement income last. We have no minimum investment requirements, and encourage anyone who would like some assistance to come in for an initial meeting.