Proposed Tax Reform Legislation

On November 2, 2017, House Republicans released their comprehensive tax reform plan, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Then, on November 9, 2017, Senate Republicans released their own plan. The two plans have much in common, but also have significant differences.


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The Benefits of Tax-Advantaged Savings Vehicles

Taxes can take a big bite out of your total investment returns, so it’s helpful to look for tax-advantaged strategies when building a portfolio. But keep in mind that investment decisions shouldn’t be driven solely by tax considerations; other factors to consider include the potential risk, the expected rate of return, and the quality of the investment. [Read more…]

Medicare & July 2017 Newsletter

Join us for a good conversation around Medicare with our guest Karen Nelson, a knowledgeable resource in this complex subject.  Karen is a licensed insurance producer, with over five years of experience focused on Medicare products.  With health care becoming an ever increasing expense in retirement, this is a topic everyone needs to understand as a part of their retirement planning. Additional to this Shane, Susan, & Alex will be covering some of the topics from our July 2017 Newsletter.

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Tax Deferred Annuities: Are They Right for You?

Tax-deferred annuities can be a valuable tool, particularly for retirement savings. However, they are not appropriate for everyone. [Read more…]

Financial Planning: Helping You See the Big Picture

Do you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business, or retiring comfortably? These are a few of the financial goals that may be important to you, and each comes with a price tag attached. [Read more…]