Wills Versus Trusts – Planning for Your Estate (Yes, Everyone has One!) – Thursday September 29th

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[Clients & Their Guests Only]

It is never too early to ensure that your final wishes are properly documented and will be carried out to your exact specifications. Regardless of whether you feel like you are wealthy or of ordinary means, everyone will eventually pass along their remaining property, financial accounts and personal possessions. Come and learn from Nikki Leith, an attorney in the office of Tracie Wall & Associates, on: when to consider writing a will, how to determine if trusts are appropriate for you, considerations in who you select as your executor or trustee, and other key estate planning issues.

Bring your questions, as we plan for ample time for open discussions. Prior attendees have found this informal discussion format thought provoking and helpful as you contemplate how to ensure your intentions will actually be carried out. This event fills up fast so be sure to reserve your seat early!