Preparing for “What if” – Why Every Adult Needs a Power of Attorney, and Key Issues to Decide to Make it Effective. – Wednesday September 14th

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[Clients & Their Guests Only]

Come and join us for a highly informative discussion on Powers of Attorney – financial and health care directives, brought to you by Nikki Leith, an attorney in the office of Tracie Wall & Associates. Nikki will discuss how to select your “Attorney in Fact (POA) representative(s) for handling your finances and health care decisions in the event you become injured, ill or otherwise incapacitated. 

Whether you have a POA now, have been thinking about one, or it had not yet crossed your mind, this workshop will give you the insight into how to best prepare yourself and your representatives to be able to do the important job that is being asked. The event is open forum, and your questions are encouraged for discussion. This event is one of our most popular, so be sure to reserve your seat today!



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