Retirement RX

retirementrxRetirement RX: The Retirement Docs’ Proven Prescription for Living a Happy, Fulfilling Rest of Your Life. By Fredrick T. Fraunfelder, M.D. and James H. Gilbaugh, Jr., M.D.

Retirement RX is written by two physicians, I really liked this book for several reasons. One being, as doctors, these men get straight to the point, and ask the serious questions. Asking the reader to delve into the heart of their own circumstances, they implore the reader to look inside themselves to find what they really want out of their lives going forward, and how they wish to live. Interactive quizzes and questionnaires create specific information for the reader about their own lives that I have personally found to be very enlightening and useful.

But most of all, what I loved in this book are their keys to success and their lasting philosophies. They lay out 8 steps on enjoying your retirement to the fullest. The first being plan, plan, plan. What have you dreamed of and how you are going to get there? After that, the other 7 rules focus on maximizing the enjoyment of your retirement. These steps emphasize the importance of structuring your retirement not around money, but friends, and leisure, staying healthy and active and personal expression and spirituality. This book is an easy read, and has completely changed the retirement perspective of friends and relatives who have also enjoyed the book.