Complete Retirement Guidebook

The-Wall-Street-Journal-Complete-Retirement-Guidebook-9780307350992The Wall Street Journal: Complete Retirement Guidebook: How to Plan It, Live It and Enjoy It .  By Glenn Ruffenbach & Kelly Greene, 2007

This book is a very useful tool for the active planner type – those who want to take charge of their retirement and march the path to get there. This book reads like a travel guide, pointing out specific rules, tips, hints, and cautionary tales for each hike up the retirement mountain. This book reminds me of a travel guide for a trip to Hawaii. It details which sites to see, what hikes are worthwhile and which ones are a waste of time. This book has space for your notes, personal facts, and tests for the reader’s use in assessing where they are in retirement planning and what that means for their future. I recommend this book for the person who wants to dive in and get into the thick of planning for their retirement. If you wish to walk the steps to a successful retirement, this book shows you precisely where to go and how to go about it.