retirementologyRetirementology – “Rethinking The American Dream In A New Economy” By Gregory Salsbury, PH.D

The book opens with a sad yet all too familiar story of a man who invested conservatively. For most of his working life he avoided equities during the boom years of the 90’s and early 2000’s because of the risk. He was told that he was missing the boat, until finally he decided to enter the market. He experienced strong gains and then invested more of his portfolio, and then 2008 hit and the market plummeted and he lost a sizable portion of his retirement.

This is a story you and I have heard before. I worked in the retirement planning business many years before the recession, and I hope to work long after the recovery, and these types of stories are why I do what I do. Helping a family ensure and experience their rightful retirement after so many years of hard work is the joy of my work.

This book provides an insightful and necessary look at the new mindset of retirement. Coming to understand that maybe we can’t have it all, and that it is OK. The author combines behavioral finance and retirement planning to create a clear idea of how to succeed in retirement and how to plan the right way. The book is not a sob story, it is entertaining yet sobering and it really explains how we have gotten ourselves into these harmful thinking patterns that hinder our successful retirement.

I recommend this book for readers over 40 who would like to better recognize the current and realistic strategies to plan your retirement.