Faith & Finance – Saturday, May 12th

Do you have a plan for how to best use the financial resources God has given you?  The secular world of today makes it difficult to integrate our faith into our thoughts and actions when it comes to our finances.  In this workshop we will explore with you how to bring both together to make the most of our lives. 

Much has been written on the biblically based topics of savings and debt – but little advice is available for the person who has graduated to the world of investing.  How can biblically based principles guide us on planning for retirement, or the complex moral dilemmas of the stock market?

In this workshop you will learn five principles that when followed, will lead you to a new perspective on investing, and how that perspective can build a stronger faith.  

Financial Planning: Helping You See the Big Picture

Do you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business, or retiring comfortably? These are a few of the financial goals that may be important to you, and each comes with a price tag attached. [Read more…]

It’s a New Year – How to Prepare Your Investments for a Changing World






With the New Year upon us, and the elections behind us,  we know that the year ahead will bring us changes in almost every aspect of our economy – taxes, regulation entitlement programs and more.  The short and long term impact of these changes upon the market is unknown, but change is in the air, and no doubt the markets will respond. 


This workshop will show you the importance of having a financial plan tailored to your life – to both get you on course, and keep you on course through market volatility and change.  We will demonstrate how a strong plan will guide your investments, and our strategies for helping you grow and protect those investments to reach your goals.  It’s a changing world – come and learn some new, innovative concepts for how you can participate. 

 A full dinner catered by Maggiano’s will be provided, so be sure to bring  your questions, concerns and a good appetite!  Space is limited, so please RSVP for the number of guests you are planning to bring. 

Participants receive a workbook of all materials presented. The workshop is educational and does not present any financial products. Early registration is encouraged.

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Our Best Tips for Year-End Financial Planning – Thursday December 1st


With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to put your good intentions into action. If you are serious about saving on your taxes, maximizing your year-end returns and achieving your 2016 financial goals, then you must act soon.  Whether you have already retired, or wishing you could – we’ve created a special year-end planning workshop to show you how to keep more of your hard earned investments working for you and your family.

We will present simple, smart strategies that you can take home. This is a great opportunity for people of all ages looking for actionable tips and suggestions, and come away motivated and inspired about your financial future.

Workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Strategies to help your assets last your lifetime
  • Help protect your buying power against inflation
  • Create a tax free income stream in retirement
  • Reduce your tax bill and help preserve your investments by utilizing tax deferral strategies
  • Proactively plan for tax and financial market volatility

Participants receive a workbook of all materials presented. The workshop is educational and does not present any financial products. Early registration is encouraged.

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Financial Planning: Helping You See the Big Picture

financial planning - Big pictureDo you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business, or retiring comfortably? These are a few of the financial goals that may be important to you, and each comes with a price tag attached. [Read more…]

Converting Savings to Retirement Income

Money & PuzzleDuring your working years, you’ve probably set aside funds in retirement accounts such as IRAs, 401(k)s, or other workplace savings plans, as well as in taxable accounts. Your challenge during retirement is to convert those savings into an ongoing income stream that will provide adequate income throughout your retirement years.
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Holding Equities for the Long Term: Time Vs. Timing

risktime-150x150Legendary investor Warren Buffett is famous for his long-term perspective. He has said that he likes to make investments he would be comfortable holding even if the market shut down for 10 years. Investing with an eye to the long term is particularly important with stocks. Historically, equities have typically outperformed bonds, cash, and inflation, though past performance is no guarantee of future results and those returns also have involved higher volatility.  [Read more…]

Year-End Investment Decisions

Year-End Investment Decisions

Year-end investment decisions may sometimes result in substantial tax savings. Tax planning may allow you to control the timing and method by which you report your income and claim your deductions and credits. The basic strategy for year-end planning is both to time your income so that it will be taxed at a lower rate, and to time your deductible expenses so that they may be claimed in years when you are in a higher tax bracket. In terms of investment planning, investing in capital assets may increase your ability to time the recognition of some of your income and may help you to take advantage of tax rates that are lower than the ordinary income tax rates. You have the flexibility to control when you recognize the income or loss on many types of investment assets. In most cases, you determine when to sell your capital assets. In some cases, however, shifting potential capital gain income to other taxpayers through gifting may be an appropriate strategy.

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Leaving a Legacy

leaving a legacyYou’ve worked hard over the years to accumulate wealth, and you probably find it comforting to know that after your death the assets you leave behind will continue to be a source of support for your family, friends, and the causes that are important to you. But to ensure that your legacy reaches your heirs as you intend, you must make the proper arrangements now.  [Read more…]

Tackling Your Questions on Preparing for the “Elder” years

Susan welcomes attorney Nikki Leith from the Edmond’s based Law Office of Tracie L Wall & Associates to the show. We will cover your questions and discuss why planning ahead can truly improve the quality of your life and those you care for.  They are an elder law and estate planning firm with vast experience in the area of long-term care planning. Tracie Wall and Nikki Leith are also VA-Accredited attorneys who have helped hundreds of veterans and surviving spouses qualify for and obtain the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit.

Listeners can also see more information on their services at 

Pay Down Debt or Save for Retirement?

IOU photoLike many people, you may be torn between paying off debt and the need to save for retirement. Both are important. Both can help give you a more secure future. If you are not sure you can afford to tackle both at the same time, which should you choose? [Read more…]

How Women are Different From Men, Financially Speaking

Women different from menWe all know men and women are different in some fundamental ways. But is it true when it comes to financial planning? In a word, yes. In the financial world, women often find themselves in very different circumstances than their male counterparts.  [Read more…]

Handling Market Volatility

winter2013Listen in on Saturday as Shane and Susan discuss market volatility. They will cover strategies for mitigating certain risk, and ways you can benefit during an up and down market.  [Read more…]

Active vs. Passive Portfolio Management

tracksOne of the longest-standing debates in investing is over the relative merits of active portfolio management versus passive management. With an actively managed portfolio, a manager tries to beat the performance of a given benchmark index by using his or her judgment in selecting individual securities and deciding when to buy and sell them. A passively managed portfolio attempts to match that benchmark performance, and in the process, minimize expenses that can reduce an investor’s net return.

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Financial Planning: Helping You See the Big Picture

financial planning - Big pictureDo you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business, or retiring comfortably? These are afew of the financial goals that may be important to you, each comes with a price tag attached.
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Income Tax Key Numbers

Income tax key numbersClick here to download or view this very helpful reference guide to help you prepare and plan for the upcoming tax season and your fiscal year 2015. [Read more…]

Tax Planning for the Self-Employed

According to the IRS, you are selfemployed if you carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor, as an independent contractor, as a member of a partnership, or if you are otherwise in business for yourself. You can be a full-time employee and still have self-employment income from a side job. To determine whether particular income is self-employment income (rather than employee wages, for example), you should look at the source of your income and the extent of your involvement in the activity.

If you are selfemployed, you should understand the self-employment tax. You should also be aware of certain tax planning opportunities. [Read more…]

Wealth Due to Inheritance

If you’re the beneficiary of a large inheritance, you may find yourself suddenly wealthy. Even if you expected the inheritance, you may be surprised by the size of the bequest or the diverse assets you’ve inherited. You’ll need to evaluate your new financial position, learn to manage your sizable assets, and consider the tax consequences of your inheritance, among other issues. [Read more…]

Evaluating an Early Retirement Offer

In today’s corporate environment, where cost cutting, restructuring, and downsizing are the norm, many employers are offering their employees early retirement packages. As you near retirement age, you may find yourself confronted with an offer from your employer for early retirement. Your employer may refer to the offer as a golden handshake or a golden parachute. While many early retirement offers seem attractive at first, it is important for you to review an offer carefully before accepting it to ensure that it is indeed a golden” opportunity.  [Read more…]

Setting and Targeting Investment Goals

Go out into your yard and dig a big hole. Every month, throw $50 into it, but don’t take any money out until you’re ready to buy a house, send your child to college, or retire.

It sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s what investing without setting clear-cut goals is like. If you’re lucky, you may end up with enough money to meet your needs, but you have no way to know for sure. [Read more…]